by Harrower

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released June 26, 2016

Tyler Wickham - Guitars, Vocals
Jun Cheong - Guitars, Synth, Sounds
Ernst Wickham - Bass
Wade Nobile - Drums

Produced by Harrower
Engineered by Matt Weinberg, Jun Cheong
Mixed and mastered by Jun Cheong
Artwork by Wade Nobile
Photo by Helen Houghton



all rights reserved


Harrower New Paltz, New York

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Track Name: Embracing
Learn to bask, in Filth
The Dirt kicked, is the best friend
Embracing Lust, For exchange
Debauchery tastes, to be young
Once you have lost, you've begun
Sinking for truth, you can waste
What was play, is now faith
Join the hollow, in flesh
too late
Track Name: November
November, in white sky
I walk in memory, and despair
To watch my past, bring me lies
Backstabbed and torn
Now I hate the cold, because of you
Understand, how to use
You watched me fall
Forsaken stranger
Nothing left to die
Extinguish me, Now
in snows,let me fall
Track Name: A Pale Sun
Spitting out Blood, Pale Eyes
Dripping Life, From Envy
Stripped Flesh, Sever cold
White Lips, Seared and Drawn
Burn Down
Enlighten, Listless Face
Black Ties, Trap Haste
Seek Furious, Held tongue
False Gift, Dig Deeper
Burn Down
Pain Fades, Drift Sighs
Only Shade, Heals the burn
Light gives, Despair
Lose Sight, Cast Away
Burn Down
Bring Down Her Sun
Needle and knife
Burn Down
Bring Down Her Sun
Within You
Burn Down
Bring Down Her Sun
Against the Sky
Track Name: The Tower
Bow to pine, strength in winds
Leaves in fall, Eat your Will
Breathe in, the face of Winter
Yawning to you, needles in the back
Veins of lust, Bleed Liars
The Tower, Mock me
Land of Heaven
Envelop me, In your fate
Cloud Destroyer
Your Sky, Means Life
White, and Cruel
Stars of Grey
Lightning to fall
For You
The Tower, Calling me home
I will crawl, Cry Light
Burn my Eyes, Suns Gaze
Leave me shadow
Seek Soul, In Earth
Shadow dim, This will
to reawaken, and die
Track Name: Mountain Cradle
Cold Nights, Mountains Cradle
Times Hatred, Echo of Fear
Look in the Eye, Land pours
Force the Moon, Ocean Whispers
Suspended in White
Look into Innocence
Waste Heart
Cares to the Wind
Will you Ever
Tonight, to bathe in white
Forgive the whips
Moving Foward, With Time
And to the Wind
Tears drawn out
Vanity fallen
Only to sew
seeds of burial
Bare eyes
the waking hours
and Wither
Track Name: Harrower
Let me drown, forever
in your deeps, encased in Recall
and underneath, Earth
To lay, hope lifted
Body drawn, wilted
in a daze, of life
left to wander, home
Your face, breathes white
into my wrath
Soothing warm, into the
Hatred, of ages past
I will leave, to burn
Crumble, against the wall
of trees, let desire
go home, with the will
to live, in the renewed
health, and remembrance
of what has been, gone
No memory lost you
Live with the dark
to follow you home
Falling alone
To the winds, that you were
Born From, Cold in
the End, of the tide
Remote, shore
Bare you in the